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Kim Zimmer Cookstown, Senior Trainer & Phoenix


My name is Kim Zimmer I am the Senior Trainer for the Full Service Canine - Cookstown location.  Please read below for some information about myself and my history.

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My Story

I have over 10 years of experience in the canine field.  My lifelong interest in helping people train their canines started at a young age when I observed the dogs around me and how people interacted with them.  I started in the canine field working in animal hospitals and boarding kennels.  It was while working in these fields I learned to better understand canine body language and behaviors. As a canine trainer, I have devoted myself to helping families better understand the nature of their canine family members.   By helping them to better understand canine body language and how to implement that knowledge into effective training for both canines and humans alike.  I strongly believe developing these skills will enable my clients to be better equipped to train their canines.  I have furthered my career with several AKC Certifications including the AKC Canine Good Citizen Program and AKC Fit Dog Program.  

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