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Essential Gear

Check out Full Service Canines top picks of training essentials for your dog. There is alot to consider when choosing what to get for training, and helping them succeed with the most effective gear at an affordable price is key.  Tapping into our trainers first hand experience allows you to skip the trial and error phase of shopping for your dogs. Check back often for more of our trainers  favorites and eliminate the guesswork with this curated selection of training gear. 

Place Board

A key skill in success in training is how to be calm and focused. Teaching a dog place builds trust, patience, and a way to channel their energy in a constructive way. Once learned it can be applied to eliminate many trouble behaviors such as being underfoot at dinner time or even keeping your dog from rushing the door when guests or deliveries arrive. Giving your dog a place to go and be calm is  good manners and everyone benefits from a well mannered dog.


Chew King

This two pack of stuffable toys is a cost effective alternative to other large red  fillable treat toys. 

Increasing duration can be challenging without the right motivation and working on a tasty frozen treat can be just what you need to reach your goals with crate training or place board duration training. definitely a favorite tool here at Full Service Canine.

Waterproof Leash

Biothane leashes are fantastically durable, waterproof, drag proof, and this particular length is perfect for in home training and heelwork as it is not so long that you end up fumbling more than training yet long enough to still increase distance in your "stay" training. Available in multiple colors and incredibly affordable.

This one is our Senior Trainer Kims top Pick.


Treat Tote

Definitely an example of where 'Simple is Best'. The simgle pocket and ease of use in the 'Chuckit Treat Tote' is its star feature. it hooks easily to any waistband and has a drawstring closure for when it is not in use. Do not get drawn into too many bells and whistles of some of the other overly fancy treating bags. Timing is very important when reinforcing behaviors. Avoid fumbling  for the correct pocket and keep it super simple. 

Training Collar Buckle

We all value the correct tool for the job and training collars are no acception. however some hands may struggle with typical Herm Sprenger methods of fastening. with this buckle style closure made by the original developer of the the Herm Sprenger you will have a much easier time fastening and unfastening the collar. there is even a slide that covers the latch to prevent accidental removal of the collar. An incredibly well thought out addition to a wonderfully valuable training tool.


Traffic Leash

Adding a traffic leash to your training tools is perfect for refining your skills and manners indoors and outdoors by giving you an easy way to collect and guide your dog to the correct placement without leaving your day to day lead to be tripped on or tangled during training.

30' Long Line

One of our most valuable tools when progressing with distance and distraction when working on recall is the long line. this Long line comes in a variety of lengths. we find the 30' to be most versatile and the thick flex poly coating creates a tuff waterproof tangle resistant colorful lead for your dogs distance training needs.

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