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My name is John Malcolm I am a Trainer for the Full Service Canine Cookstown location.  Please read below for some information about myself and my history.

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My Story

I spent my early years living in Mercer County New Jersey and Parkersburg West Virginia.  I now reside at the Jersey Shore where my family and I are lifelong canine caregivers.  My studies at The University of Vermont specializing in environmental and behavioral sciences is where I learned the principles of behavior, tactics, strategies, and the ability to make a functional behavioral assessment of problematic behaviors.  Using the knowledge gained through these studies and my apprenticeship with Michael Lucchesi, I have been able to enact them into non-coercive canine training.  My knowledge and background have been an immense benefit to positive-based training techniques.  My resume of working with dogs of all sizes and needs spans years throughout the New Jersey region.  I am an avid outdoorsman and athlete with a love and passion for helping people and their canine family members have cohesive and happy lives together.  When asked what is the greatest job in the world?  I will always reply “Canine Trainer”! 

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